providing short & long-term efficiencies & savings​

  • Efficiencies save materials, time and labor in building structure
  • Pre-engineered & pre-manufactured components save 40%+ labour on building structure 
  • Energy efficient saves $$$
  • STABLE energy performance
  • Longer functional life of building


Avoids chemical issues of many building products

  • Indoor air quality - no off-gassing
  • Contains NO formaldehyde, CFCs, HCFCs, adhesives, etc.
  • Moisture & Mold issues - framing & foam core will not support growth of mold & mildew 
  • Burning toxicity - extremely low burning fume toxicity exposure


Structural building panels - like building with LEGO blocks

  • panels are lightweight - can usually be handled by one man
  • loading, unloading and installation are     quicker & easier than  
  •  Installing wall or roof panel combines several building steps in one application   
  1. Structural / non-structural framing
  2. Headers
  3. Sheathing
  4. Insulation
  5. Vapour barrier
  6. Air sealing
  7. Utility chase (elec. or plumbing)

Buildings are one of the few products in today's world that typically are NOT produced in a manufacturing plant.  While factory built modular structures are becoming more common, most construction is still done on a building site.  

Construction - is "on-site fabrication".  It is done mostly on the job site - and is a series of repeated motions - measuring, cutting, fitting, trimming, fastening ....  This is done in a make-shift work space, subject to wind, rain, heat & cold conditions.


The manufacturing approach takes advantage of the efficiencies of a task specific workspace - with tools and supplies readily at hand and sheltered from the weather.    


Panels made with

recycled steel & solid foam core

  • foam contains no formaldehyde, adhesives, CFCs or HCFCs
  • will not off-gas and compromise indoor air quality 
  • eliminates harmful airborne particles
  • panels are made using recycled material and can be re-purposed or recycled
  • manufactured with 0-waste process
  • job-site cut-off waste on lumber and sheathing eliminated
  •  extremely low burning toxicity

Features & Benefits of  

ENERLOC Building Technology

Pre-engineered and pre-manufactured panels change work on the job-site to "on site fabrication" to assembly - which is much faster and cheaper

But not all building systems are created equal. EarthTek has hands-on experience with several building systems and is convinced that the best all around choice is the ENERLOC Building Technology.

It is estimated that building with ENERLOC saves 25% of framing wasted materials (trims & cut-offs) on a project site and at least 40% in labour costs.  ENERLOC is also adaptable to most any building design or finish and adaptable to even extreme weather conditions - heat, cold, windstorm, flood and earthquake. 



  • 1/3 weight of wood frame assembly
  • 2 X strength as wood frame
  • Structural support up to 6 stories
  • Windstorm - up to 150+ mph
  • Seismic - will flex & return to position
  • Flooding - not damaged by water


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Options in manufacturing process make panels adaptable to so many applications 

  • Use to build most any structure
  1. single or multi-story
  2. structural up to 6 stories
  3. high-rise structures - (in-fill panels)
  4. residential / commercial / industrial
  • Panel applications include:
  1. Walls (structural, non-structural)
  2. Roofs
  3. Floors
  • Exterior finishes
  1. Stucco
  2. Brick or stone
  3. Siding (wood, metal, vinyl)
  • Interior finishes
  1. Stucco
  2. Drywall
  3. Panelling
  4. Wood
  5. Brick or stone


Super-insulated foam core

  • R-value is stable for life of structure
  • Will not absorb water, settle, sag or lose insulation value for the life of the building
  • Complete thermal break in wall, roof, floor panel design