Working with wood frame construction is a constant struggle with moisture related issues and lumber dimensional stability issues.  Building codes have driven builders to thicker walls for more cavity insulation.  But no matter how you dress it up, they are still wood stud structures that will continue to have issues inherent with wood (cracking, twisting, shrinking, rotting, moisture content, mold, etc.)

When one considers that the projected serviceable life for a wood stud building is as little as 75 years, one cannot help but wonder if there is a better way. 

There is a need for new materials & methods that will improve the thermal efficiency of buildings and better address moisture issues, the moisture and deterioration associated with wood frame construction.  



EFFICIENCY = "the absence of waste"

To make a building energy efficient, it must minimize all sources of wasted energy.  This starts by targeting the biggest "users" of energy.  In most buildings, the predominant energy consumer is HVAC.

But a more efficient building envelope - that minimizes heat loss (heating climates) and heat gain (air conditioning climates) will have a significant impact on energy consumption and comfort. 



Imagine reducing the temperature of an attic by 40 degrees by using just a 1/2 inch layer of insulation material   OR   installing a 1 inch insulation board that out-performs a 6 inch wall of cavity fill.  

​EarthTek has been a strong proponent of installed insulation performance. Conventional R-value ratings (based on conductive heat transfer testing of materials) are NOT an accurate picture of how insulation materials perform once installed. 

EarthTek has been actively involved in energy efficiency solutions for buildings for 14+ years - working almost entirely with new technology materials and systems.  

​EarthTek has worked with clients in Canada, the USA and Australia to develop high-performance solutions for homes, commercial & industrial applications and industry.  ​EarthTek's specialized knowledge of new methods & materials can guide to insulation solutions for problem challenges:  basements, vaulted ceilings, cold floors, renos in historic buildings, insulating concrete block or brick walls, steel buildings, etc... 


EarthTek has 15 years of experience with alternative technology with a view to efficiency.  The new materials & methods provided to clients include the following:

  • building envelope thermal design - new materials & methods
  • heat gain / heat loss of windows - new materials & methods
  • roof & attic - heat loss/gain - new materials & methods
  • basement - heat loss and moisture control
  • heating & cooling systems,  efficient hot water systems
  • power management systems - new technology options
  • alternative energy systems - new technology options