Water is quickly becoming our most valuable resource.  There are many definitions of clean, healthy water because there is so many "experts" on water.  EarthTek has worked with scientists who developed drinking water systems for space stations. We have also 


Energy efficiency is a critical feature to any sustainable home.  Earthtek has 14 years international experience with new technology products for insulation and building systems.  We specialize on new high-performance options that are outside the scope of conventional products.


Energy is the universal driver of industry, transportation and our daily life at home. But energy production by fossil fuels has become the single largest polluter. Alternative "clean energy" technologies are emerging and are becoming attraction options for homes & industry.  

Building Systems

Advances in new technology on several fronts have exciting applications for health related applications.  EarthTek has worked with several such applications and is helping bringing some of them closer to commercialization and availability to all.


New technology applications that reduce pollution emissions and improve air quality are attracting significant attention in some parts of the world.   EarthTek is working with new technology innovations that significantly reduces harmful emissions and resulting air pollution from vehicles.



EarthTek offers specialized experience and a world of resources in the field of new technology for clean energy, water and building materials and systems.  

Empower your design / construction team with economically viable, best available technology to maximize the efficiency of your building project